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10639 Willow Drive, New Orleans, 70131

 Lower Coast Algiers, between English Turn and the Mississippi River

 Please note that all of our services are by appointment only.

Beginner Riding Lesson or Pony Ride

$ 45.00 USD

One hour riding lesson or one hour pony ride for one person at Good Horse HQ in Algiers.


Package of Five Riding Lessons

$ 195.00 USD

Save by buying in bulk. Takes the per-lesson price down to $39/hr. No expiration date.


Package of 10 lessons

$ 380 USD

Enjoy our lowest rate ($38/hr) by buying in bulk. Lessons never expire. 


Help Feed Emma the Rescue Horse

$ 25.00 USD

Your $25 contribution (not tax deductible, sorry) will supply Emma with more than a week's worth of hay. 


Help With Emma's Vet Bills

$ 50.00 USD

Emma needs, at the very least, her annual shots, Coggins test, and dental exam, plus a professional hoof trimming. Your non-tax-deductible donation will help her get all the care she needs. 


Help Build Emma's Stall

$ 100.00 USD

Before Emma moves in, we must build her a proper stall. This will cost at least $1000 in materials, not counting labor. Your non-tax-deductible contribution will help keep Emma safe out of the elements.


Buy Emma the Rescue Horse 2 Bales of Hay

$ 10.00 USD

Emma's biggest problem is emaciation and malnutrition. Two bales gives her four days of tasty hay.


 Customer Feedback

"I've taken horseback riding lessons off and on throughout my life, but I've learned more with Good Horse in the past month of lessons than I had over all my years of riding." Elizabeth K. 

"Our experience with Good Horse has been amazing." Janine G.

"This business's name, 'Good Horse,' could double as an accurate review if limited to two words."

William L.