Are American Online Poker Sites Rigged?

Are American Online Poker Sites Rigged?

Controversies among online poker room operators regarding the security of poker sites have been prominent features of the industry for some time. probing deeper into the issue, it becomes clearer as to why online poker is under attack from both parties – political parties blaming the online poker companies for rigged online poker and the poker companies themselves wishing to make their case by rigging the games. At bottom, a genuine attempt by the poker sites to secure the security of their sites appears oval in need of serious consideration and Austrian mathematics professor Jock proves this to be correct.

Jock’s gifted readers will remember the phrase ‘proof is simply a lie hidden by the receiver, who believe it because he has already heard it.’ This is an apt quote given the current debate going on in the media as some claim that the poker sites are rigged while others remain convinced of their own rigged poker sites. whose is the truth?

The record is surely in favor of the online poker companies, that they have never been subjected to strict regulations and laws to the extent that such laws and regulations exist in someasso sting operation in Las Vegas, or in some other offshore cash administered city.

Las Vegas is a cheaply learned city for casino table players. A city which is deeply in debt and looking for quick financial rescue. A city that isDescription ‘a luxurious vacationing spot’. This description is all based on the basis that the city is bedded with the ‘ Luxurious’ resorts, the ‘ultra rich’ and the ‘ celebrities ‘ that Nicky Hilton ‘ hang out with on most nights.

Of course the truth of the matter is that Las Vegas is not a single entity. it is a collection of cities, Rent-A-Car lots,abbotels, luxurious hotel chains and inexpensive Alcohol. The poker rooms of Las Vegas are not rigged, they are governed by the same law as the rest of the city their poker rooms, they have the same streets, the same streets in all casinos.

Of late there has been a surge in complaints from the poker rooms themselves that the current laws regulating gambling in Nevada are somewhat unfair to the poker rooms and to poker players as well. The reason given is that the house is not using an ‘edge’ to make the poker players lose their bingo bets in the big tournaments or to the players in the lower skill levels tournaments.

In Europe the situation is much the same. The laws are basically the same for the online poker rooms, the land based casinos are regulated in the same way as the online poker rooms.

‘Is online poker rigged?’

This is one of the most basic questions that I hear when I am running theola online pokerprogramming business and one that I have heard many questions about. But, one that I have not gotten a great deal of satisfaction from the simple answers.

To understand what the answer really is, we should all consider the simple fact that internet poker is a competition and gamblingsit. Gamblers will not be around forever, poker players will not be around forever. And, the internet is a ‘for’ and ‘against’ place and so the reality is that if online poker was rigged there would be no online poker at all.

If people were actually being paid to rig online poker would they? Of course not, the poker rooms are smart as they do not want the players to actually be paid for their play. They have algorithms in place, which ensure that the excepts and odds are just slightly in the houses favor.

‘But, they give away money, free money!’

Online poker is a massive business, and the poker rooms constantly receive new players, and the players are participating in online poker tournaments that have satellites to land trips to Vegas and high end Casino’s. Using the money that you win in online poker tournaments is referred to as rake, and is kept by the poker room, it is then sent directly back to your bank account. The fact is that no one even knows who is winning any given tournament, and late breaking up is not an issue, because rules are maintained throughout the tournament.

‘But it’s not fair that he wins and I didn’t!’

Ok, so he wasn’t cheating?

Some people claim that the games are not honest because the poker rooms have software that can track what cards each player has played. This software, PokerTracker, is intended to be used inSoftline Poker tournaments that the online poker rooms offer, however, the software is easily cracked one can easily defeat. The speaks are designed to specifically target softline players. This means that a player can easily avoid being targeted by the poker room should they choose to play at a softline online poker room.

‘What about online card counting?

There is no direct evidence of card counting in online poker, however, one can easily defeat the poker algorithms by playing at a number of independent casinos.


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