Private Beginner Riding Lessons

Riding lessons are one-on-one-on-one: one student, one instructor, one horse. Lessons take place at Good Horse HQ, 10639 Willow Drive, 70131, between English Turn and the river. We specialize in making first-timers feel comfortable and safe. Lessons progress at the individual student's pace. Gaited lessons are taught by Robbi, using both Percy and Marlon.  

All of our lessons cover safety, grooming, tacking, and lunging as well as learning to mount, direct rein, neck rein, use leg and verbal aids and the emergency stop, and develop an independent seat. Students can learn to ride the walk, flat-footed walk, running walk, foxtrot, and canter. All riding takes place in the safety of our 60 foot round pen. These lessons are available to riders age 6 and up, including adults. Hand-led "pony rides" are available to those under the age of 6.

Please review our Safety Rules prior to arrival. Everyone who visits Good Horse HQ must wear sturdy, closed-toe shoes. All riders must wear full-length pants and boots or other closed-toed shoes with a heel. Helmets are required. We have helmets in all sizes, or you can bring your own.

If you're interested in horses but not sure if you really want to take lessons, consider coming out to the ranch for a one-hour hand-led pony ride at the same price as a riding lesson. Meet the horse and instructor, enjoy a pony ride, take pictures, then decide if you want to take a lesson.

Prices: $45/lesson or $185 for a package of five ($37/lesson)