LIABILITY RELEASE: In consideration of allowing me/us to ride, visit, or use the facilities of

 Good Horse LLC, I/we agree to release Good Horse LLC indemnify and hold it harmless from 

any liability, responsibility or damages, whether to me/us, or other persons or property, 

resulting from the conduct of any horse or other animal or any act or omission on Good Horse 

LLC’s part from any accident, injury, illness, harm to me/us or any person, spectator or 

property, while I/we am/are engaging in a farm animal activity as defined in

La. R.S. 9:2795.1A(1) or any horse related activity, including but not limited to picking hooves,

turning out, medicating, mounting, dismounting, riding, grooming, tacking up, lunging, 

leading, jumping, training, transit or hauling to clinics/horse shows or performing

any act whatsoever with or involving any horse or other animal.

Specifically exempted from any and all liability are Kenny and Beverly Childs and Marrero Land.

I/we also understand and acknowledge the following warning:


Under Louisiana law, a farm animal activity sponsor or farm animal sponsor professional is 

not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in a farm animal activity.  Activities 

resulting from the inherent risk of farm animal activity, pursuant to   R.S.9:2795.1.


       (Major over 18 years of age, or Parent or Legal Guardian of Minor under 18 years of age.)

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